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Wildlife – Protecting your home, land or premises from Wildlife

At Manchester Pest Control, we understand the urgent need for a resolution when wildlife is involved. Call us day or night and receive immediate assistance with removing unwanted wildlife from our qualified and caring wildlife control team.

When you contact us, we will come and address the situation, provide you with a cost-effective removal solution and offer you information on how to best prevent problems in the future.

The most common types of wildlife that need control


Squirrels are very common in Manchester and surrounding areas. Generally small and slender, squirrels are extremely quick and agile. They feed mainly on nuts, seeds and vegetation. Squirrels are able to enter your premises through small holes and are prone to nesting in small areas. Squirrels are not considered dangerous animals, but they are capable of creating a large mess and their bites can be quite serious due to the length of their teeth. Contact our Manchester wildlife team for prompt assistance with removing squirrels from your location.


Foxes have adapted well to their urban environment throughout the recent years. They have a wide appetite and can therefore live in the busiest of locations roaming about the streets in search of food and have become accustomed to human interaction. This has become an increasing problem as people’s pets such as rabbits and livestock such as chickens have worked their way up the menu for the foxes. More and more calls are coming in requesting the removal of foxes all over the UK. Our professional and customer friendly fox control experts can reach your premesis within two hours to help with the removal and relocation of fox pests.


It is estimated that rabbit damage to cereal crops costs the farming community alone around £50 million every year. This does not include the cost of damage to other areas such as golf courses.

Rabbit burrows can damage grassland and encourage unwanted weeds like nettles and ragwort.

Estimates of the rabbit population in winter suggest that there are about 40% more rabbits today than before the introduction of that dreadful disease, myxomatosis, in the early 1950s.

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