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Spider – Protecting your home or premises from Spiders

General Information

Spiders can be identified by their eight legs, lack of wings or antennae and by the presence of their webs in corners around your home.

Rarely are spider bites actually a threat to humans or animals. Their insect-based diet may actually be contributing to pest control. Still, these unpleasant creatures may not be your most favourite house guests and Manchester Pest Control can help you get rid of them.

Control Measures

Controlling the presence of spiders is difficult due to the fact that their preferred habitats vary from species to species. Some spiders prefer damp places, such as basements and crawl spaces, where other spiders prefer dry, warm locations such as air vents or walls. All spiders prefer the dark so ensuring regular inspections and proper sanitation is a good way to prevent spider infestations.

Other control methods include:

Installing tighter fitting screens and windows
Eliminating clutter
Storing items off the floor
Washing spider webs away through dusting and vacuuming thoroughly

The simplest method of controlling spider infestations is to reduce the presence of insects in your home. Manchester Pest Control has the knowledge and skill to address your concerns by removing pests of all kinds, including insects, in the most effective of ways.

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