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Unfortunately, in rural and urban areas alike, encounters with rodents are not uncommon, however this does not mean you have to put up with them.

Haveing rodents can make you feel uncomfortable, Noise and the simple knowledge of mice or rats existing at your location can cause anxiety.

You have the right to find help and we, at Manchester Pest Control, are ready to apply our knowledge and skill to remove your unwanted Roents.

Unwanted Rodents and Control

There are 14 rodent species currently in the Uk, nine of which are native and the other five have been introduced.

Rodents have the ability to adapt themselves to almost any environment, rodents great reproductive potential, natural cunning and survivability puts them amongst the most successful on earth, the success they enjoy in exploiting man’s environment brings them into direct conflict with man because of their adverse effects on the human population.

In our society the main reasons for control are to reduce or eliminate disease spread, contamination of products and damage to food stocks and property. In addition, peoples’ inherent fear of rodents and what their presence implies means that we often have zero tolerance for them and control is necessary.

Just a few common rodents you may encounter, but remember your not on your own Manchester Pest Control are only a phone call away 24hr a day.

Mice and Mouse Control

House Mice (Mus musculus domesticus)

The house mouse is the common pest in urban environments although field mice (wood mice and yellow-necked mice, Apodemus spp) can be a problem in autumn and winter, where these species enter homes, control is the same as for house mice.

On farms, the house mouse is also a major pest, particularly associated with intensive pig and poultry rearing facilities.

Light grey with tails the length of their bodies, big ears and small eyes, house mice are found all throughout the UK. These rodents are able to run, jump, climb and swim and have a keen sense of smell and sound.

These unsanitary pests commonly create small nibbled holes in many places rather than one big mess. Their diets mirror that of humans, usually consisting of cereals and sweets. They eat many times throughout the day, contributing to the large number of small but significant damages made.

House mice are known for being a large economic and health threat. Sanitation is essential for preventing and reducing the invasion of house mice.

Contact us for skilled and prompt house mice control and removal services.

Rats and Rat Control

In the Uk there are two species of rat; the common or brown rat and the ship or black rat.

The brown rat has largely replaced the black rat over the past 100 years, in fact it’s distribution is now so severely limited in the Britain that many conservationists believe it should be a protected species.

Recent research has shown that rural populations of the brown rat are more likely to carry disease than urban populations, this is because rural populations tend to be more dense and more difficult to control, however both types of population must be controlled.

The Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Larger than mice with stocky bodies, adult brown rats can weigh from 400 to 550 grams. They are commonly found in fields, sewer systems, commercial facilities and residential properties, rats will more than likely be infesting your property to access a food supply.

Brown rats are known to be carriers of many infectious diseases that are harmful to humans, if there are signs that rats have touched your food with their bodies, fur, urine, or by nibbling, it should be considered contaminated. Look for these dirty rodents close to food and water supplies also in walls and under garbage and floors.

If you are facing a rat problem or need your commercial or residential property rat proofing, contact Manchester Pest Control and we will proof it and stop it.
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You have options for getting rid of all these dirty rodents! Manchester Pest Control will get the job done and done well.

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