Bird Control Manchester and surrounding areas


Why Bird Control ?

Do not be fooled by the general affection toward birds by the general public - birds can be as dangerous as rats in terms of carrying infectious diseases harmful to humans.

Manchester bird control team has the knowledge to help you understand what you are facing when it comes to birds, and the skill to help remove them from your location.

How do birds pass on diseases?

  • Through the birds interaction with your home
  • Through defecation
  • The disease begins in their nests and surrounding environments and then spreads to other areas of your commercial or residential structure

Do it yourself bird control?

When interacting with bird nests and feces, you can unknowingly inhale or ingest diseased particles.  The proper knowledge, tools and protection equipment are necessary in order to safely and effectively remove bird trouble sites from your home.

For professional help with eliminating birds, and the disease associated with them, contact Manchester Bird Control Team. We will ensure your safety and control your problem.

Pigeons and pigeon control Manchester and surrounding areas

  • Pigeons are found where people are found. Dependent on people for food and nesting, these are the most common pest birds in Manchester.  You can identify a pigeon in flight from the clicking sound their wings make when they touch. 

    Pigeons can be found most often in lofts, attics, window ledges, girders and roofs.  Breeding occurs many times throughout the year – every few months – meaning that populations can grow fast and your problem will grow with it.

    What is the largest problem associated with pigeons?  Even a small population of pigeons can cause a great deal of damage to your property.  Their acidic droppings are extremely hard to remove and are highly damaging to finishes. 

    In terms of health hazards specific to pigeons, they are prone to carrying the organisms that lead to Ornithosis, Toxoplasmosis and Salmonella to name a few.  Pigeons also carry parasites on their skin and feathers which can transfer to people if they come into contact with nesting areas.

Pigeons and birds in general can cause serious health issues. Do not put anyone in danger.

Contact Manchester Pest Control and allow us the opportunity to control the presence of birds in your home by working to promptly remove them.

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